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Your Daily Dose of Soul-Searching

Your Daily Dose of Soul-Searching

I belong to another community that I really like. It is not a community at which one can post answers. This community gives daily topics for journal writing. The topics are meant to encourage a searching of self. Some questions are for causal searching, some require deep thinking and deep examining. I think it is great fun. It certainly is an excellent idea. I have a list of the questions I intend to answer. I may or may not post my answers here. I am going to put them in my own personal journal that I don’t keep on line anywhere.

I also thought that many of these questions are very good for character development. Those who write need to know their characters this well. Either way, this is a fun community. Come join in the daily search.


56. Looking back, what (or rather, who) was the worst decision you've made in terms of trust? Whom did you trust that you shouldn't have, in what way was it a bad decision, and how did that betrayal affect you with regard to subsequent trust situations?

Likewise, who was the best trust decision? Did that person surprise you by being so trustworthy?

36. Aside from your parents, who would you say had the most significant impact on you when you were growing up? In what way did that person influence your life?

60. What changes in yourself (physical or otherwise) are you dreading the most as you get older, as the years and decades speed by? What changes are you looking forward to the most?

How comfortable are you with the idea that it's likely you will be an elderly person at some point?

77. How has the journey of your musical taste developed over the years? From the first music you ever remember hearing, all the way to what you're listening to today, trace the path of the most important songs, albums, genres, and artists that helped define the different stages of your life, or that can transport you back to that time just by listening to their songs. Explain the significance of the artists or songs that affected you the most.

And don't leave out the embarrassing ones.

85. What is your attitude toward shopping? Do you plan exactly what you're going to do ahead of time, and then get in, get what you need, and get out? Or are you the kind who has a more organic approach, just showing up and wandering around until something catches your attention? Do you feel shopping is a good way to spend time, or a waste of it?
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