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You can lead a horticulture...

matchmaker, matchmaker, make me

Like the lovely and esteemed founder of this little librophilia shindig, I have a long list of queued titles holding court on my night stand (and my floor and my dresser...):

* the forest house- marion zimmer bradley
* please kill me: the unsensored oral history of punk- legs mcniel and gilliam mccain
* le divorce- diane johnson
* tina modotti: between art and revolution- letizia argenteri
* night work- nelson george
* aooleby house- sylvia smith
* door to door- tobi tobin
* myself among others- george wein
* mad madge- katie whitaker
* the passion of reverend nash- rachel basch
* roadtrip nation- michael mariner and peeps
* detour- lizzie simon
* marked for life- joie davidson
* number 10- sue townsend
* still hungry- richard simmons (it's a despise-him-so-much-i-love-him kinda thing)
* the magical approach- jane roberts
* seth, dreams, and projections of consciousness- jane roberts

which should i read first?

i've just started a.s. byatt's possession, which caradrina got me for my birthday!!
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