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movies that have books as stars

one thing i was just thinking about is how much i enjoy movies that have books as a subject or libraries as a background in them. some examples are of course 84 charing cross road, the ninth gate, a merry war, etc. my wife suloni saw the movie the league of extraordinary gentlemen with her family this weekend and said that i would love two scenes in libraries. there are movies like dead poets society that obviously mention books or feature characters reading books, but they don't become characters themselves or a significant part of the atmosphere. then there are movies like wit that feature the content of books without feeding my fetish for books as physical objects. can anyone recommend any other movies that greatly feature books? i recommend all the movies i mentioned. also, why aren't there any documentaries about books, libraries, or book collecting that i can think of? here are two more possibilities i found in a quick search on the imdb:
Fast Company (1938)-Joel Sloane is a rare book dealer and part time detective. He finds stolen or lost rare books for the insurance companies and gets a reward for their return. But this is a little different. Otto Brockler, a rare book dealer with questionable ethics, has been murdered. The list of suspects is long. Ned, who Otto sent to prison to get insurance money and keep him away from Leah. Leah, who is in love with the falsely convicted Ned. Elias, a silent partner in stolen and forged books. Sydney, a master forger of rare books. Julia, Otto's secretary who has expensive clothes and jewelry. Joel is the one who must find the murderer before he becomes the next victim.-Summary written by Tony Fontana
Fast and Loose (1939)-"Serviceable part-time-detective story set in the world of rare-book collecting and presented in the Thin Man style. (The writer, Harry Kurnitz, later contributed to the 4th and 5th Thin Man movies.)"
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