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"...i read it in delillo like they'd written it to me..."

why do i keep reading Don Delillo?

White Noise is an amazing novel on many levels.
Ratner's Star was very funny and a good read in several ways.
I liked a lot of parts of underworld, and i felt like i had gotten a lot out of it when i read it a second time -- which is something i would prefer to say after a 100 page novella than after reading an 800 page epic novel, but still says a lot.

But more and more as i try to catch up on his other books i am finding myself dissapointed. Like Great Jones Street. As you all know, I love music. And I love novels about the music industry. So shouldn't Delillo's novel about the music business have been an amazing work that i would want to read again and again? But instead I just found myself reading it in a detached way and not rushing back to it, and months later I barely remember what it was about. I would attribute this to my state of mind at the time I read it, but I felt very similarly about Libra. And End Zone.

And, now, Cosmopolis, which I just finished last night. As you may know, it is a novel about a wealthy tycoon taking a limo ride across a pre-September 11th Manhattan to get a hairvut. And it has some sequences in it that rival anything of Delillo's that I have read before. But altogether I found myself reading it in that detached way where you don't really care about any of the characters and you are just as happy to have the book end.

Of course, it was a fast read (200 quick pages in a small book), so I don't feel like I wasted a lot of time. BUt I'm not sure I reccomend it either.

But the point is that there's this author who I want to like and I feel like I should like and I have liked (a lot) in the past yet the last 4 or 5 of his books I have tried to read I just am uninspired by. Does anyone else feel the same way about him, or about other authors?
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